Great tips for choosing a pet friendly hotel

Traveling is a great activity that can renew your mind, body and soul. People who are already connected to their pets cannot leave them at home while on extended vacation. If you are taking your pet with you while traveling, you should definitely look for pet friendly hotels that can provide basic facilities and services […]

For the love of boats, how do I cruise?

Every great escape comes with a master plan, so that every holiday dreams. If you are planning a relaxing and enjoyable vacation, finding the right cruise line should be the top priority for you. You can distinguish the correct cruise ship by searching and reading cruise ship reviews online. Cruise ship reviews are based on […]

A fun way to travel to this special event

Everybody loves that special car on their own occasion, whether it's your wedding, your high school party, or a 21st birthday party – or an event where you celebrate some important milestones in your life. Even having a fun day for a group of friends – or a sports team – can make it a […]

Five step guide to writing brilliant travel

1. Travel a lot – Unless you have already traveled on this dusty road, chances are you won't be able to get this zing in travel writings that attract your reader to continue reading. A good travel writer should be curious about places and new people, and must be bitten by the travel bug! Picky […]

Insurance covering travel losses

If you are on vacation, embarking on a business trip, or maybe spending a long time abroad, it is recommended that you get some travel insurance to cover your travel losses and so on. If you encounter some stolen or lost items, or incur financial and other losses, your travel insurance will cover these things […]