Discover your destination (Nainital) with the help of your host

Nainital, also known as “Lake City”, is comfortably located in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas of Utah. Lake Nain is a pear-shaped body of water that stretches along the abundance and beauty of Nainital, which seems to have come down from heaven.

The first ray of sunshine delivers a beautiful hue to the sparkling water of the lake and excites city life. Bird twitter and activities on and around the lake fascinated travelers. The lake is alive with activities such as yachting, paddling and boating throughout the day. Hiding behind the mountains at sunset, the lake takes on an ethereal appeal.

Tourists have several options for sleeping and eating in Nainital. Hotels and resorts offer modernized holidays, but staying with a family will give you a unique experience. Nanital has a magnificent household that stands out for the best services and facilities offered by the host and his family. Located in the most picturesque places, families in Nainital have been reconstructed with Hassels, bungalows, ancestral homes and cottages.

The thought of staying in a ninital family may sound a little strange and tempting, but achieving it is still an experience. To enjoy your stay, choose your household wisely, taking into account its environment and comfort, whatever they offer for comfort.

The household promises us the required privacy and stays carefree in the village. They came home to Nainital in faraway places, away from the city. The fascinating simplicity of the ninital household revolves around people’s simple living habits, their culture and tradition. The hosts are meek and unobtrusive people who serve every whim of their guests.

The Utarakhand families are surrounded by hill gardens and farmland. You can take a walk on the terrace fields or take a walk along the forest plot. Natural vegetation is a breeding ground for many exotic species of diverse birds. You can spend hours watching the blinking of these plumaged beauties


These locations also made you feel adventurous. A solid environment and farm life await you to explore. The hills are a great place to hike and climb hands to climb the cliff. You can also spend the day with the host or the villagers joining his farms, or just wandering in the gardens and observing the juicy ripe fruit waiting to be picked, or just dragging the cattle up the hill. These unique experiences and fascinating landscapes really soothe both your mind and soul.

The amazing decoration of the living rooms in Nainital calms the guests. Antique and old style wooden furniture is placed in the rooms. The rooms have wide windows that give the room air and ventilation. Many homes offer modern amenities such as cable TV, DVD player, refrigerator, internet and 24 hour hot / cold water. In addition to these facilities, guests bring hot homemade food that they can have with family members or in their rooms. The dishes are made from fresh organic vegetables grown by farmers.

The charming simplicity of this dreamy ninetial home may interest your interest. Your stay here may not be like a grand hotel or resort, but still being in a family home can give you sweet memories. Join the host for “pooja”, wait for their dialect or learn about their culture while staying in these affordable homes. Experience an unforgettable vacation with nature when you are at home in the valleys of Nainital. Nainital household is a wonderful nature-loving paradise.

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