In Porting a Semi-Naked Hot Spring, Kota Kinabalu, Sabahi

One can imagine being alone and clear that getting wet in a natural hot spring would be relaxing and idyllic, or even so I believed when my friend and I visited the hot spring of Koringa in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 136 kilometers from Kota Kinabalu, Poring Hot Spring was reached in a 3-hour drive through a relatively quiet, scenic road that had almost no movement, with lowland plants.

Poring Hot Spring is one of the main attractions of Poring, a small tourist resort in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. We arrived without much fun and I was glad that the coach came down to me, strained my legs and knocked me out of sleep, after falling asleep while driving. During my stay there I did not see too much bamboo, which means Kadazandusun, Sabah’s ethnic group, the word “poring”. But I saw lots of people, men in shorts, women in swimsuits and very few children, either lazy, sinking or playing in the public bath area, which was built from 20 free hot baths with covered roofs that could accommodate 2 adults. For a hot bath at one time.

My first instinct was: I was not going to do that and everyone had to watch me. My second was a more rational thought: I did not bring swimsuits, towels, or change of clothes, which were some of the essential items you should bring to a hot spring. Nor did I try to buy the swimsuits that the tiny gift shop offered us.

In addition to the hot tubs of Poring Hot Spring, Sabah had a small rock pool near the public bath, as well as a multi-level slide pool consisting of 7 pools of various sizes, from large to small and 6 meters slide children and adults could land and soak in the cold water of the cold pool. Yes, if stuffing in hot water was not your cup of tea, there were pools of cold water to cool off on a hot sunny day.

It was a really hot day and the hot waters did not really help to cool the temperature. To get rid of the relentless heat, I tried to shelter a few scattered gazebos around Poring Hot Spring, and we decided what we wanted to do. There is a difference between sunbathing and being in the hot sun and I am not a fan of the sun. Public pools could not be ruled out, but I refrained from going out without tasting the hot springs known for its sulfur minerals and its healing or healing properties.

Finally, we agreed to rent a private bathroom with two bathrooms per RM20 per hour. Since there were no towels rented at Poring Hot Spring, I obviously bought a bath towel with RM15 for hygienic purposes. The private house of the bath consisted of a wooden hut, with two separate bathrooms and a simple shower room. There were two taps against each tub, one for hot spring and one for cold water, in case the water temperature would be too hot.

The tub was large, 5 feet long, 2.5 feet wide, and 3 feet deep, enough to sink all over the body until it is completely filled. However, it took forever, it seems, for the water, even the two taps, to fill the bath and the clock showed. I finally put most of my half-naked body in the water in the tub when it was half full, soaked it in hot water for a year and headed to a private pool in a hot spring, somewhere in the woods of Borneo, or at this point in Poring, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

I had enough after a 20 minute soak as the skin started to wrinkle. I came out of the bathroom, awkwardly, as the body took a bone from the water caused by the hot water, I took a shower, screamed in surprise when cold water fell on the warm body, and all the open pores closed instantly. I quickly dried it with a new bath towel and quickly put it on. Then I got a lot of pleasure when my friend experienced the same shock in shock.

We then took a brief tour of the area around the Poring hot spring, hoping to see Jackie O., an Orangutan resident of the Poring hot spring who made the nearby hill and Dipterocarp forest with lots of wild fruits and plant life in his house; But he should have been more shaded elsewhere, as I could not see any of Jackie O.’s brown-orange skins or hair. The lush heat was probably too much for Jackie O and us, and we gladly agreed to leave the hot springs.

Returning from Poring Hot Spring, I calmly recalled how our ideal expectations could turn out to be poles in addition to practical reality. I would highly recommend guests here or from natural hot springs, remember to bring items of swimwear, extra clothing, towels and slippers if you want to get acquainted with the hot springs relatively comfortably and easily. My suggestion is to also do public baths if you are not confident where there was no time limit and did not wait for the bath to be filled.

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