Tourism in Kulul and Manal

The charming valleys of Kulu and Manali best embody nature. The steep hills of the Himalayas are shrouded in the shimmering white snows of winter, the picturesque slopes, the expansive colors of the valleys, the colorful wild flowers, the flowing river, the wild flower meadows give the aroma far away … all this creates a wonderful environment for a wonderful holiday. Without a doubt, the Kullu Manali tour deserves the attention of tourists from all over the world.

You will immediately leave the tours and travel to the fascinating region with its charming surroundings of Kulus and Manal and the pure delicacy of the mountainous landscapes. The beauty of the Kulus and Manali region is the mountains covered with stunning beauty and panoramic snow. That is why the region claims to be called the Switzerland of India.

The mountain town of Kulu (also known as the Valley of the Gods) is located on the banks of the Bea River in the western Himalayan region. A perfect feature of the city’s cul-de-sac is the lush meadows of wildflowers and special panoramic views. The city is also known for its religious significance. Travelers can visit the magnificent ancient temples such as Bijli Mahadoo Temple, Ragunatji Temple and Manicure.

There are several fascinating destinations like Koti, Rahal Waterfall, Solang Valley, etc. Mount Manali, which can be explored in Kulu Manali tours. You can also explore these destinations with the famous apple orchard and several nature trails on your tours and travel to Himachal Pradesh.

The Kulus and Manali region is also famous among travelers and adventure sports enthusiasts. The region offers a wide range of adventure and sports options for playing and enjoying, such as trekking, mountaineering, rock climbing, river rafting, hiking, cross-country skiing, etc. Tours for Manali and Kulus.

Among the various tourist attractions is the Great Himalayan National Park and the Canary Sanctuary also deserve the attention of wildlife lovers towards Kulu. Faced with deodorant trees and Christmas trees, these parks provide a wonderful opportunity to discover the rare and local wildlife of Himachal Pradesh. You will love to visit these parks in Kulul and Manal.

Tourists can also visit the famous Manali Shrine, Arjuna Gufa, apple orchards, Tibetan temple, Hidimba temple, etc. Other tourist destinations around Manali include Keylong, Rohtang Pass, Raison, etc. This is a great place for adventure and sports activities. Attractions such as Kasoli, Kaishdar and Manicure.

In fact, the whole region of Kulu and Manali is very famous for its beauty and tranquility. And this is why it is also popular during the honeymoon. This is paradise for your honeymoon. You can also enjoy travel and tourism in Kulu and the Himalayas tourist package in the Manali region. Kulu and Manali also give way to Shimla – Himachal Pradesh – the capital of one of the most beautiful hill stations in India. Visit Kulu Manali I really remember your trip to Himachal Pradesh.

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