Malta Alternative Guide

The Mediterranean island of Malta is an increasingly popular holiday destination for travelers of all ages. It has wonderful beaches, stunning landscapes and resorts of all sizes. Like many holiday destinations, guests often try to stay close to loved ones and take famous attractions for just a few days of travel. This is a mistake because Malta has many hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Most of Malta visitors will visit the capital Valletta, a small town with historic sites and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most likely, most will also turn up, or stay, or play in the Silema and St. Julian district. It is the heart of Malta’s tourism industry, offering a wonderful nightlife and a friendly atmosphere. It can also be very busy.

While these exciting places have their own charms, Malta offers many opportunities to get out of the plot and explore the quieter side of the island. Here’s where to go if you want to see the real Malta:

Fom ir-Rih

On the west coast of the island, Fom ir-Rihi is far from the people of Silema. In an isolated area where there is no public transport, this secluded bay is on the crevice line and creates unique cliffs. This creates its quiet, horse-shaped bay. It is possible to reach the rough beach by a rough trail and it is always quiet. It is a perfect place for swimming, diving and snorkeling as the water is crystal clear. Visit at the end of the day and you will be greeted by a beautiful sunset.


You can reach the island of Gozo by boat from Malta. Visiting there takes you back to Malta from ancient times. Gozo has a much larger rural population than its neighbor, only 30,000 – Malta 400,000. You can go hiking or cycling out of town, explore the small villages and explore the sights. There are also historical landmarks such as the Neolithic and Gantia temples, the world’s oldest religious buildings. There are similar temples in Malta, but it is likely to be quieter in Gozo.


Zeitung is a small town in the south of Malta that is rarely visited by tourists and is one of the oldest cities in Malta. A visit to Zeytun will perfectly acquaint you with what Maltese life looks like away from the busy resorts and beaches. Here are some interesting churches to explore and also a great place to try Maltese traditional food.


While few tourists visit, the river is the main tourist trail. It is also a perfect example of a medieval fence town with its narrow streets, beautiful palaces and worldly atmosphere.

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