Welcome from Austria – A Medieval History of the Close-up of Rieenburg Castle and the Search for Styria

After a day filled with my activities yesterday, which included a photo shoot of my city, an extreme hike and subsequent culinary festivities (to address weight loss), my last day in Austria has come and it must have been exciting too. My brother Ewald and my sister-in-law Anneliese planned to visit one of the medieval treasures of Steria: Riegerburg, a magnificent fortress first built in the 11th century in the strategically important border region of the Austrian Empire.

Styria is one of the lesser-known provinces of Austria, with most people familiar with the area around the capital Vienna; Salzburg (the country of the “sound of music”) and the surrounding region of Tyrol with its high mountains and the capital of Innsbruck. Styria, although Austria’s second largest province, which represents the country’s second largest city (its capital, Graz), remains largely the commander-in-chief of most North American tourists.

As for me, this is one of the most beautiful spots and I just do not say that because I am originally from there. In fact, one of the obvious goals of my trip to Austria this year was to explore the area where I grew up through the eyes of a travel writer and put it in the context of other areas. Opportunity to visit in the last few years.

Styria consists of eight main travel regions:

– Dachstein – Tower, characterized by high mountains, large skis and other outdoor movements

– The most beautiful lake area of ​​Salzburg – Auserland

– Murtal recreation area, densely forested area with lots of outdoor activities

– Upper Styria, another mountainous region that includes the “Styrian Water Road”, the “Styrian Iron Road”, as well as the Hochschwab Mountain region.

– Graz, the provincial capital, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the 2003 European Capital of Culture

– Eastern Styria, my native region, a fascinating region characterized by medium-sized mountains, Austria’s largest mountain pastures, gardens, fertile farmland, monasteries and castles

– Thermenland Styria, a region full of gentle hills, vineyards and ancient volcanic activity that has created six world-class resorts, and

– The South Styrian Wine Region and the Western Styria, where the gently sloping mountains are full of vineyards and the famous white horses destined for the Vienna Motor School, are invited to a place often referred to as the “Austrian Tuscany”.

Rüderburg of present-day destination is located on the southern border of the East Styria travel region, directly across from the volcanic region of the Turnland district. In fact, the castle itself is built on the ancient volcanic cone of a long-extinct volcano. We started from the valley through the Raab Valley and through the village of Gleesdorf. We turned the main road to small country roads, which led to beautiful hills, many of which have gardens and vineyards.

From these small side roads are the official bike paths that have been signed and many local winemakers own a small village restaurant called “Buschenschenken” whose garden terraces invite hikers, bikers and other travelers to sit down and enjoy Sturyan cuisine. We encountered almost no movement and on this beautiful warm day in the summer many cyclists were present with good workouts and enjoyed the scenery.

About 45 minutes later we reached our destination: in front of us a magnificent rock is crowned with the magnificent Rieberburg Castle. We stopped the car at the foot of the village rock and started climbing the castle. The narrow road has no sidewalk and is essentially composed of dark volcanic rock with many narrow gullies and horses that have been used in horse-drawn carriages for hundreds of years. We entered through the first gate, which was numerous. Riegerburg has seven main gates and eleven bastions. The defensive wall around the castle is an impressive three kilometers long. The combination of these features made the castle the most important fortification on the Styrian border of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The strategic importance of this border region becomes apparent in the context of the Ottoman wars of the 16th and 17th centuries between the Habsburg monarchy and the Ottoman Empire. The area of ​​Eastern Styria in particular was often threatened with invasion by Eastern forces. In 1664 a decisive final battle was fought in nearby M მოგgersdorf, ending a two-year war against the Turks. Riegerburg itself was never conquered and as a result it is referred to as “the strongest fortification of Christianity”. It was part of a whole series of frontier forts along the border of the Habsburg Empire.

We walked slowly along the road to the castle, which was surrounded by a curved wall that would allow the peaks to be attacked by potential invaders on their way to the castle. On the open plateau below the prison building, the wall features numerous plaques depicting hundreds of soldiers from secondary villages who died during World War II. Each village had its own board. Another beautiful gate led us to the last part of the trail, which led up to the castle. At the foot of the castle is the “Burgtaverne”, a restaurant with a beautiful large courtyard, which offers a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside and the attractiveness of Austrian cuisine.

As we approached the castle itself, we went through two trenches, each of which was fortified, and the other inner trench was actually still water. Now we really were in the prison construction complex and walked through the large inner courtyard to the central building where the retail store is located where we bought a 9.5 euro access to the central part of the prison.

The name of Riegerburg Castle was originally referred to as “Ruotkerspurch” in 1138, which actually means “Rüdiger’s Castle”, so the castle originally belonged to an aristocrat by that name. At the end of the 16th century it underwent a major reconstruction to include architectural features from the late Renaissance period. Large ceremonial rooms and an arcade in the inner courtyard date this era.

Riegersburg hosts two permanent exhibitions: The Basement Museum of Witches focuses on the obsession and persecution of witches who ruled in Central European countries from about 1450 to 1750. About 300 alleged magicians and sorcerers were persecuted in witch trials in Styria, and many of them were executed. The peak of witch-hunting occurred during the 30-year war, from 1618 to 1648, when the war and the so-called The “Little Ice Age” devastated agriculture and wiped out populations, many of whom were blamed for the wicked behavior of alleged witches.

We were planning to see another exhibition: “Legendary Riegerburg – Legendary Women”. Two very colorful female characters are associated with the history of this prison. The first was Baroness Elizabeth Catherine von Galler (from 1607 to 1672), who was a prison lady from 1648 to 1672. In a period of very traditional female and female role anticipation, the “gallery” was of a very unconventional nature and the usual norms. Women at that time, even aristocratic women, had no right to property, and Elizabeth, as the only heir to the prison, would have to give up her husband’s property, but she refused it. Even in the marriage contract, he secured the right to decide the property issue.

Baroness Elizabeth von Galler began a complete reconstruction of the castle, which included a stunning Baroque white hall, as well as numerous bastions, gates, and a castle surrounded by wide walls. Several inscriptions above the various gates indicate that he spent a lot of money on this construction work. His wife took on a large debt and in 1649 he paid a considerable sum and got rid of it. Generally Baroness von Galler was married three times and participated in several legal battles with her husband and local clergy.

Another interesting female character presented at the ‘Legendary Women’ exhibition is Katarina Paldauf, who was an employee of Baroness von Gallery, for whom she started working at the age of 20. From 1673 to 1675 he participated in the trial of Feldbach witches and was accused of manipulating the weather and participating in witches on Saturdays. Legends also say that he was able to bring roses in the winter, a talent that earned him the “Flower Magician”. His supernatural powers for bringing flowers to the season accused him of witchcraft and presumably executed him in 1675.

The various exhibits of the exhibition also shed light on the historical background of the XVI-XVII centuries. Servitism and feudalism characterized power structures in the Middle Ages, while peasants had very difficult lives, while aristocrats formed a hereditary elite that had the right to occupy lands and exercise distant powers over ordinary people. At that time, mainly the agrarian economy obliged the peasants to feed a significant share of their production to the local rulers and nobles, who in turn promised to protect them during the war. It was an era of extensive exploitation and the lords had the right to use the peasants’ lands as they wished. Often the peasant sought the Lord’s permission when he was about to marry and the peasantry had to pay heavy taxes. These harsh conditions led to the revolt of many peasants throughout Central Europe in the eleventh century.

The nobles lived a luxurious lifestyle. An inscription at the entrance to the castle indicates that an excessive feast in the 1600s led to 21 days of excessive eating and drinking. The lavishly decorated Knights Hall was the site of many such attacks, and the wooden bridge that connected it to the other halls was used for relief after all this, and is commonly referred to as the “Bridge of Vomiting.” Even today the figure of an inclined man decorates the bridge and reminds people of its original purpose.

We admired the lavish details created in the former residential district of Riegerburg, namely the Knights’ Hall with its ceilings and the richly decorated Baroque white hall. As we passed the building, the White Hall again featured table decorations and wedding scraps that had been held at the castle a few days earlier. Today the castle belongs to the Liechtenstein family, an aristocratic family that has lived in this castle since 1972. One of the family members was recently married. Beautiful floral decorations and bridal menus give us an idea of ​​what some of this historic holiday should look like.

We took advantage of our personal history lesson and were ready to explore, so we took a long basalt road through the town of Riegerburg, which was at the foot of the castle. Baroque church and several restaurants push the village’s beautiful main square. Located on the outskirts of the village with a large pool where there is a resort for beach volleyball, water spin, tennis and food outlets.

We then proceeded to our great country on our way to our next destination: Kaffenstein Castle, about a 20-minute drive from Riegerburg, also located on an extinct volcano on the border between Hungary and Slovenia. Its recorded history dates back to 1065 and it was one of the fortresses that protected Austria from the attacks of the Magyars and the Turks. ციხესიმაგრე სხვადასხვა კეთილშობილურ ოჯახებს ეკუთვნოდათ მანამ, სანამ იგი 1898 წელს ვინკლერ-ჰერმადენის ოჯახის მფლობელობაში აღმოჩნდა.

დღეს ციხესიმაგრეში განთავსებულია 15-ოთახიანი მაღალი კლასის სასტუმრო და ასევე რესტორანი, რომელსაც აქვს ფართო გარე ტერასები, რომლებიც განსაცვიფრებელ ხედს შემოგვთავაზებენ მიმდებარე სოფელში. ტერასაზე ლამაზი ადგილი ავირჩიეთ და მენიუს დათვალიერება დავიწყეთ. ქორწილი აშკარად ახლახანს მოხდა ციხის სასტუმროში, რადგან პატარძალი და საქმრო კვლავ ატარებდნენ საჩუქრებს მანქანებისთვის. ჩვენ გადავწყვიტეთ გემრიელები გემრიელები გემრიელები და მე მომეწონა სოკოს წვნიანი შემწვარი წიწიბურა და ყველის ლანგარი, ავსტრიის სპეციალიზირებული ყველის ფართო ასორტიმენტით.

ჩვენი გვიან ლანჩი შუადღის შუა რიცხვებამდე იყო გადაჭიმული და ახლა უკვე ჩვენი მოგზაურობის დრო იყო. სანამ გადავიდოდით, 15 წუთის განმავლობაში ვიარეთ ტყით და რამდენიმე ვენახით კაპფენშტეინის ციხის გვერდით მდებარე პლატოს პატარა სამლოცველოში. აქედან ჩვენ შესანიშნავი ხედი გვქონდა ჩრდილოეთის მიმართულებით და გამადიდებელი სანახაობის საშუალებით ჩვენ შეგვეძლო დავენახე ჩვენი წინა დანიშნულების ადგილი, რიეგერსბურგის ვულკანური კონუსი.

დაბრუნების დრო მოვიდა, ასე რომ, ჩვენ დავიწყეთ უკან დაბრუნება Weiz- ში. ჩვენ ჩვენს მეგობრებთან, ლუისთან და იზაბელასთან შევთანხმდით, რომ შევუერთდებოდით ჩვენს ეზოში, გასულ საღამოს, ავსტრიაში. ჩემი მეგობრებიც მოსიარულე სკუტერების მოსიარულეები არიან და ლუისმა ნება მიბოძა მეთამაშა მათ ერთ ბორბლიან მანქანებზე და თან ახლდა პატარა საცდელი დრაივი. ჩემს ცხოვრებაში კუნძულ იბიცაზე პირველად და ჯერჯერობით მხოლოდ ერთხელ ვიყავი მართული საავტომობილო სკუტერზე და აღფრთოვანებული ვიყავი, რომ კიდევ ერთხელ ვუსურვებდი მას. დაბალანსების საწყისი პრობლემების შემდეგ და სახელურის საწვავის გაზზე მორგებასთან დაკავშირებით, ჩვენ საბოლოოდ დავიწყეთ ჩვენი პატარა თავგადასავალი და საინტერესო ტრიალი გავუყევით ადგილობრივ გზებს.

ოცი წუთის შემდეგ დავბრუნდით და ჩავჯექით მათ ულამაზეს ბაღში, აღფრთოვანებული ვიყავით დიდი აუზით, რომელიც მათ ორმა შექმნა. ყველამ ცოტათი გავიხსენეთ 2005 წლის დრო, როდესაც ჩემი ძმა, ჩემი სიდედრი და ეს ორი მეგობარი ტორონტოში იყვნენ მოსული სტუმრად. ეს იყო პირველი შემთხვევა, როდესაც ჩემი მეგობრები კვლავ ვნახე, ამჯერად მათ სახლში. ჩვენ კი ვფიქრობდით, რომ ერთ-ერთ წელს უნდა გაგვეკეთებინა ერთობლივი სათხილამურო შვებულება შლადინგში ზემო სტირია, ფენომენალური სათხილამურო რეგიონი, რომელიც ხშირად მდებარეობს მსოფლიო თასის სათხილამურო რბოლაში და იმ ადგილას, სადაც ჩემი მეგობრები რეგულარულად მიდიან სათხილამურო თხილამურებზე.

მზე ჩასვლას იწყებდა და დროა, ძმის ადგილზე დავბრუნებულიყავი და ჩემოდნის ჩალაგება დავიწყო. ჩემს მეგობრებს დავემშვიდობე და მოვიწვიე, რომ კიდევ ერთხელ მოვიდნენ ტორონტოში. მე და ევალდმა, ანელისემ და მე კიდევ რამდენიმე საათი გავატარეთ მათ სახლში, როდესაც ჩემი გამგზავრებისთვის მოვემზადე და საკმაოდ მოწყენილი ვიყავი ჩემი მოგზაურობის მოსალოდნელი დასრულების გამო.

ეჭვგარეშეა, ეს ჩემი საუკეთესო ვიზიტი იყო მას შემდეგ, რაც 21 წლის წინ მშობლიური ქალაქი დავტოვე. ცხრა დღე საკმარისი არ იყო იმისთვის, რომ ჩემი ახლომდებარე ადგილის ღირსშესანიშნაობებიც კი გამომეკვლია. ჩემს ოჯახთან და კარგ მეგობრებთან მშვენიერი კავშირების გარდა, ბოლო რამდენიმე დღის განმავლობაში გავიგე, რომ შატია, ჩემი დაბადებული რეგიონი, უდავოდ იყო ტურიზმის სხვა მრავალი რეგიონი, რომლებიც ნამყოფი ვარ მთელ ჩრდილოეთ ამერიკაში და ევროპაში. .

შტირიას ულამაზესი პეიზაჟები, გარე დასვენების ფართო შესაძლებლობები, არქიტექტურა, ისტორია, მუსიკა, კულტურა და ბოლოს, რაც არანაკლებ მნიშვნელოვანია, გემრიელი სამზარეულო ნამდვილად მაიძულებს ისევ დავბრუნდე.


4 easy ways to extend the life of your camp tent

Your tent is not only a place to sleep when you are outside, but it also protects you and protects you from outside elements. Having said that, your tent deserves care and attention to help it prolong its life.

Here are some tips on how to take care of your tent:

Protect your tent floor

The main thing here is the place where you set up camp. The ideal area would be a spot and a level spot. Clean small debris such as rocks, twigs, pine cones and the like as this can cause a wound in your tent. To further protect the floor, use a footprint, ground cloth, which will give your tent floor an even smoother surface to exit. Lastly, do not insert foot wear inside!

Avoid the sun

The sun’s UV rays are not only harmful to your skin, but also to the surface of the tent. UV rays damage fabric and nylon fibers. Your best bet is to set up camp in a shady spot, but if you can’t find one, use a tarp in the shade of your tent. If you plan to go out for a while (hiking, fishing or backpacking), remove the tent from direct sunlight.

Keep food out

Do not bring food and eat inside your tent. Lots of insects come out of the woods and food attracts many of them. You don’t want insects to crawl all over your tent and try to chew through the fabric just to get to the food. In addition, camp food should always be placed in tightly closed containers to avoid bears and other wildlife in the camp.

Keep the tent clean

When packing, shake the tent well to avoid dust and dirt that may have accumulated both inside and out. It is ideal to wash it after each use to ensure that there is no dirt on the surface and also to remove Siberian dirt, which prevents its malfunction in the future. Do not forget to dry the tent completely before storing it freely in a cool, dry place in the bag.

Follow these simple tips to extend the life of your tent and you will be sure to enjoy its service for many years to come!


ნელსონის სათავგადასავლო მოგზაურობა

ახალი ზელანდიის სამხრეთ კუნძულის ჩრდილო – დასავლეთ ზედა კუთხეში მდებარეობს ნელსონის მზიანი რეგიონი. რბილი კლიმატით და უხვი მზით, ეს უხეში უდაბნო იდეალური ადგილია თავგადასავლების მაძიებელთათვის, რომლებიც ეძებენ სამოგზაურო მოგზაურობის გამოცდილებას.

ნელსონ სითი, რეგიონის კერა, შესანიშნავი ბაზაა მათთვის, ვისაც სურს განიცადოს საუკეთესო სათავგადასავლო ტურიზმი, რომელიც ამ რეგიონს სთავაზობს. ნელსონის მრავალფეროვანი და მშვენიერი ლანდშაფტი შედგება თეთრი ქვიშიანი პლაჟებით, აყვავებული ტყეებით და მკაცრი მთებით. შესანიშნავი ცენტრში მდებარე საცხოვრებელი ადგილით, როგორიცაა Quality Inn Nelson, ეს ხელუხლებელი უდაბნოს სათავგადასავლო მოედანი შესანიშნავი დანიშნულებაა თქვენი შემდეგი დღესასწაულისთვის.

ოქროს ყურე

ოქროს ყურის ცალკეული სანაპირო წყლები სამხრეთ კუნძულის უდავო ფარული ძვირფასი ქვაა. და ამდენი თბილი, ოქროსფერი ქვიშიანი პლაჟები, რომელთა არჩევაც Golden Bay არის შესანიშნავი დანიშნულებაა საოჯახო სადღესასწაულო თავგადასავლებისთვის. რატომ არ უნდა გაემგზავროთ ერთდღიანი მოგზაურობით Ligar Bay- ში ან Wainiu- ში, ნამდვილად გამამხნევებელი სანაპიროზე? ან თუ მაღალენერგეტიკული წყლის სპორტი თქვენს “გასაკეთებლად” სიის სათავეშია, მაშინ აბელ ტასმანის ეროვნული პარკი თქვენთვის დანიშნულების ადგილია. აიღეთ ტანისამოსი და გაემართეთ ტატას სანაპიროს ან ტოტარანუის ღრმა წყლებში, რომელიც პოპულარულია წყლის თხილამურებისა და კაიკინგის მოყვარულთათვის.

ჩაყვინთეთ მდინარეების ერთ – ერთ ნათელ ხვრელში, 1,5 კილომეტრიან ტრასაზე, რომელიც ულამაზეს ვაინუის ჩანჩქერამდე მიდის. გზად იხილე დიდებული ნიკაუ პალმები, რატას ხეები და გვიმრები. ან გაისეირნეთ ადგილობრივი ტყეებით ახალი ზელანდიის უდიდეს მტკნარ წყლებამდე Te Waikoropupu- ში, რომელიც მსოფლიოში ყველაზე სუფთა წყაროს წყლებად არის ცნობილი.

სამხრეთის კუნძულზე მოგზაურობა არ იქნებოდა დასრულებული Farewell Spit- ის დათვალიერების გარეშე, რომელიც მაორის ხალხმა ონეტაჰუას სახელით დაათვალიერა. მდგრადი ტურიზმის შესანიშნავი გამოცდილებისთვის, რატომ არ უნდა დაჯავშნოთ Farewell Spit ეკო-ტური და გაოცდეთ სამხრეთ კუნძულის ჩრდილოეთით მდებარე წერტილის უნიკალური ლანდშაფტით. ეწვიეთ ცნობილ Farewell Spit Lighthouse- ს და დაათვალიერეთ Cape Farewell- ის უდიდესი ვერტიკალური კლდეები – სანახაობრივი ადგილი, რომელიც არ უნდა გამოტოვოთ. თუ სხვა ღირსშესანიშნაობების ტურს ეძებთ, რატომ არ შეეცდებით ცხენოსნობას იზოლირებულ Wharariki Beach- ზე? ოქროს ყურის რეგიონის ხელშეუხებელი სანაპირო ლანდშაფტი გარანტიით გიკარგავს სუნთქვას.

მერჩისონი – ახალი ზელანდიის თეთრი წყლის დედაქალაქი!

მიიღეთ ქმედებების გამოსწორება თეთრი წყლის ჯომარდობის გამოცდილებით ცნობილ მერჩიზონში. გასაკვირი არ არის, რომ ეს რეგიონი შვიდი სწრაფი დინების მდინარეა და ცნობილია, როგორც ახალი ზელანდიის თეთრი წყლის დედაქალაქი. სინამდვილეში, ეს ხელუხლებელი მდინარის რეგიონი გთავაზობთ მსოფლიოში საუკეთესო ჯომარდობას. საოჯახო მეგობრული ყოველდღიური მოგზაურობებიდან ადრენალინით დამუხტული უდაბნოების ჰელი-ჯომარდობამდე და მორჩისონს ეს ყველაფერი აქვს. მაგრამ აქ უფრო მეტია! მერჩისონი ასევე არის მთავარი დანიშნულების ადგილი კაიაკით, კანოეით და რეაქტიული ნავით, ხოლო წყლის მიღმა არის მთის ველოსიპედების მაღალი კურსი ბორბლიანი ველოსიპედით გატაცების მოყვარულთათვის.

გასეირნება და ლაშქრობა

კაჰურანის ეროვნული პარკის 452,000 ჰექტარი ფართობი ახალი ზელანდიის სიდიდით მეორე ეროვნული პარკია და აღიარებულია, როგორც პრემიერ ლაშქრობის რეგიონი. თავგადასავალი მოსიარულე ტრეკერებისთვის, რომლებიც ეძებენ 5 – დან 6 დღიან სალაშქრო მოგზაურობას, Kahurangi- ის Heaphy ბილიკი არის აუცილებელი. ალპური მთის ტრასიდან პალმებით გაფორმებული ბრწყინვალე სანაპიროებიდან ეს ვრცელი ლაშქრობა გთავაზობთ ახალ ზელანდიის რელიეფის უნიკალურ ხედს. იხილეთ პირველი მხრივ, როგორ იცვლება ეს დიდებული პეიზაჟი შიდადან ზღვაში.

გაეცანით ნელსონის ტბების ეროვნული პარკის კრისტალურად სუფთა მყინვარე წყლებსა და ალპურ მკაცრ მთებს. ამ ფეხით მოსიარულეთა სამოთხს აქვს მთელი რიგი ტრეკები, რომლებიც დამწყებთათვის გამოცდილი ლაშქრობებისთვის შესაფერისია. ცნობილია თავისი თაფლიანი ნამის ტყეებით და ნექტარის მჭამელი ფრინველებით, ნელსონის ტბების მონახულება ჯადოსნური გამოცდილებაა, რომელიც არ უნდა გამოტოვოთ.

კაიაქი და ფრენა თევზაობა

გაითავისეთ ზღვის კაიკინგის თავგადასავალი ცნობილი Split Apple Rock- ის გარშემო, აბელ ტასმანის ეროვნული პარკის მტკნარ წყლებში. დაათვალიერეთ მრავალი ლაგუნა და ყურე და დაათვალიერეთ მშობლიური ზღვა და ფრინველის ცხოვრება. თუ თევზაობა თქვენი თამაშია, მდინარეთა ტრავერსში, საბინში ან დურვილში საუკეთესო ადამიანებთან გასწორდით. მსოფლიოში საუკეთესო ფრენაზე თევზაობის დროს, მოყვარულებს არ სურთ გამოტოვონ შანსი განსაცვიფრებელი ცისარტყელის ან ყავისფერი კალმახის ძიებაში.

ნელსონის რეგიონი შესანიშნავი დანიშნულებაა სამოქმედო მოგზაურისთვის ახალი ზელანდიის სუფთა სათავგადასავლო გამოცდილების ძიებაში.


Top 10 Tournaments in Bangkok Pattaya, Excursions and Activities – D Asia Travels

1. Visit Wat Po to see the remote Buddha

Wu Po is a house of sharp Buddha, which is 15 meters high and 46 meters long. The statue of the Lord Buddha is completely covered with a golden leaf and looks beautiful up close. The temples have 108 cups that are located in different places across the temples and visitors can buy coins to place these cups. Wat Po is a must visit site for every Bangkok traveler and is an integral part of our Bangkok Pattaya tour.

2. Visit to the Grand Palace

The Magnificent Palace is one of the most important and famous attractions in Bangkok and any visit to Bangkok is incomplete without a visit to the Grand Palace, which makes it an important place on our Bangkok Pattaya Tour. This palace once served as the official residence of the Royal Family of Thailand. This palace covers 214,000 square meters.

3.Bag in Bangkok

Bangkok is a shopaholics paradise, with a wide selection from street shopping to high-end shopping areas. The Chatuchak Market is open only on weekends and attracts more than 200,000 visitors a day. The market covers an area of ​​27 hectares and includes more than 8000 stalls selling a variety of items such as clothing, accessories, electronics and gadgets, shoes and more.

For high-end customers, Siam Paragon Mall offers a wide selection of designer shops, South Asia’s largest aquarium, a large multiplex cinema and a diverse restaurant offering a variety of cuisines. The mall also houses Ferrari and Lamborghini showrooms, which attract lots of visitors to the mall every day. Excursion shopping trips are our Bangkok Pattaya tour and no trip to Bangkok is complete without shopping.

Enjoy a Boat Cruise on the Chao Phraya River

The Chao Phraya River, often referred to as the “East Venice”, flows through Bangkok and is fed by many canals. The Bangkok River is considered a tributary and is a source of income for thousands of locals. Many ferries and boats are cruising showing different parts of Bangkok, with high-end residential houses and beautiful hotels ending with wooden houses and the lives of Bangkok Indigenous people, an excursion to our Bangkok Pattaya tour is recommended.

5. Take part in a water battle during Songkran

Songkran is a traditional Thai New Year festival celebrated annually from 13 to 15 April. In Buddhist culture, it is believed that spilled water helps to wash away bad luck and past sins. Today this custom has become a full-fledged water fight where no one spares from spilling while the whole festival takes place at one big party. Our Bangkok Pattaya Tour can arrange a tour of these water battles during Songkran.

Take a look at Walking Street’s nightlife, Pattaya

The main road sign of our Bangkok Pattaya Tour, the pedestrian street is a 500 meter long street where cars are not allowed to enter after 6 pm and provides one of the most amazing. This street is full of bars, restaurants, entertainment bars, adult entertainment, nightclubs where travelers can party all night long. While it may be deserted all day, this 180-degree transformation on this street takes place after sunset. The walking street is decorated with neon lights, loud music and for adults.

7. Go, Island Hoping,

Our Bangkok Pattaya Tour can arrange multiple tours of the island with Pattaya, starting with group tours, starting with large boats, with fast boat rules. Travelers can visit Coral Island, Koh Sak, Koh Krok, Koh Phai or Bamboo Island, Koh Rin or (Gnat Island), Koh Krham, Monkey Island, Koh Si Chang and Koh Samet.

The trip can be enjoyed with a variety of activities while touring the islands, exploring the islands, laziness on the beach, water sports, snorkeling or enjoying the beautiful landscape, pristine waters and sights and scenes from one island to another.

Many boats are equipped with glass floors that allow guests to experience and experience underwater and marine life, and these boats can be arranged on our Bangkok Pattaya Tour.

8. Jump over the hill Wat Phra Khao Yai

Also known as the Big Buddha Trail, the Phra Khao Yai Road is the most famous Buddha statue in Pattaya and is about 18 meters high and sits at a height of 100 meters above sea level. An important attraction of Bangkok Pattaya Tour, guests are required to take steep steps to reach the Buddha Monument, from where guests can enjoy a panoramic view of Yomtien Beach. The statue is located near the temple complex, where travelers can get a spiritual experience by breathing in the scents of incense, in the temple complex, which burns all day, the buzz of bells by monks and the chanting of prayers. Mesmeriza in Tiffany’s cabaret

One of the most popular activities on the Bangkok Pattaya Tour excursions and activities list, Tiffany’s has hosted shows for more than three decades and is visited by more than 2,000 people daily. This show involves an hour of continuous admiration, with entertaining performances by women dressed in beautiful costumes and receiving an amazing performance that makes it hard for audience members to notice that the performers are not women. The show is suitable for kids as well as severely toned.

10. Visiting Crab

Crab is a beautiful island and a popular vacation spot in the south-east of Thailand and is famous for its stunning landscapes, both on land and at sea. Crab has more than 150 islands, most of which are covered with white sand beaches and turquoise waters, jungle-covered interiors, high limestone cliffs, caves, waterfalls, and exotic wildlife.

We recommend our Bangkok Pattaya Tour travelers visit Crab and enjoy a wide range of island-hopping, snorkeling, rock climbing, trekking, scuba diving, beach vacations, shopping and excellent cuisine. For more information visit our site: – or Whatsapp to +60124250469


Northwest Province, South Africa – World Cup 2010, Big 5 and Sunny City

The northwestern province of South Africa is located in West Magalisberg and has plenty of places to see and hunt on popular holidays like Rustenburg.

Rustenburg, Which literally means “holiday town”, is the third oldest city in the former Transvaal province. The city has been selected as one of the host cities for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and will host the 40,000 Royal Bafekong Stadium, formerly used for the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

Just a half hour drive from here, you will get to Glamor City of the Sun. A complex and huge range of fun. The complex, which provides the perfect combination of golf, games and gambling, as well as a world-class hotel, is the perfect choice for any South African vacation. Close Pilanesberg Game Backup Travelers found an excellent chance in the “Big Five”.

To appreciate the history of this area, then you should visit Mapping In particular, his museum, where there are interesting exhibits related to the siege of the Mafiks, the Barolong people and the San (Bushmen). Also of particular interest are the beautiful cities of Liechtenburg, Klerksdorf and Potchefschum.

At Pilanesberg National Park, You will discover a long extinct volcanic crater with an astonishing alkaline complex from activities created 1290 million years ago. It is one of the largest volcanic complexes in the world and its rare rocky structure and type make it a unique geological feature. This area has survived centuries of erosion and can be seen above the surrounding shrubland. It is possible to establish early human existence in numerous Stone and Iron Age sites throughout the park.
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In the parks, which are surrounded by hills and open plains, you can see the ‘Big Five’, the abundance of animals and more than 360 species of birds. Also in the “Big Five” can also be caught night brown hyena, cheetah, hypo, crocodiles and even combat.


Briefly Bali – The Final Travel Guide

Bali destination travel offers a short guide that explains some parts of the island, will help you decipher many options and will hopefully help you make your choice of vacation. Any holiday is meant to maximize your time, even if it means just relaxing and doing nothing. You still want to reach the maximum of your goals and travel with the belief that you will make the most of your experience. To help you achieve these goals, I have developed a brief explanation guide where the beautiful island of Bali offers numerous choices.


This must be one of the best secrets of Bali. Amed hosts some of the most charming beaches among some of the islands in a peaceful, completely relaxing environment. There is very little going on in terms of nightlife, it is a perfect place for families and sexual travelers.


Amlapura is the main city of Karangasem Regent and has several of the island’s most attractive attractions, including Tirta Gangga (Water Palace).


The Bali Tooth Plantation is located 20 kilometers from Negara. The lush bold green of the plantation is an unusual sight.

Barat National Park

Bali is the largest national park on the west side of the island and occupies about 10% of the land mass of the islands. The park is considered to be the last refuge of one of the most endangered birds in the world, the Bali Starling.


Bangli offers spectacular views of the mountain and Lake Batumi. Located hundreds of meters above sea level, the breeze in the bungalow is also cool and refreshing.


A rare opportunity to visit a sheep farm (for those who like such things) Banjar also offers a chance to experience the wonderful hot springs in the regions.


The village of Batubuliani is in the western part of the Glaniari regency, the local part of the artistic village. She is best known for Baroness’s artistic ‘Blessed Dance’. Artistic handicrafts of carpet and stone sculptures are preserved in the village.


It is a small village in the mountainous regions between North and South Bali.

Besakih Temple

Recognized as the most important and most sacred temple in Bali. The Basque Country is known as the Mother Cathedral, with its tropical surroundings.

Blahmangung Waterfall

This pristine waterfall is located on the Puffuan side of Tabanan. Higher fruits with moderate rainfall are more fertile. Offers a beautiful place to cool the waters under treatment.

Botanical Gardens

Botanists rejoice! Eka Karia Botanical Garden in Beduguli was founded in 1959 and is the youngest of all four Indonesian botanical gardens.

Candi Dasa

Candi Dasa is located in Karangasem Regent, 10 minutes from Tenganan villiage. Originally a fishing village, it has recently undergone a rapid transformation into a thriving tourist area.


Located in the Sukavat sub-district, Seluk is considered to be the home of gold and silver handicrafts in Bali.


Denpasar is the capital of Bali, with an estimated population of about half a million people. Many of the best museums in Bali are located in the island capital.

Garuda Wisnu Kensana

In the main cultural park of the islands, which plays at home with a giant statue of Vishnu, is installed near it, which is half man and half Garuda bird.


Gianyar Regent is famous for its artistry and culture. Recognized for its beautiful natural landscapes Mountains on the coast.


This is the main port of Bali – for transportation to the island of Java. The port is located west of Negar.

Goa Gaja

Goa Gaja or “Elephant Cave” is so named for its entrance form. Deftly carved images of hanging leaves, rocks, animals, ocean waves, and demonic human characters running through the mouth.

Goa Louha

A name given to a cave inhabited by thousands of sticks, which spends more time hanging from the ceiling. It is also one of the holiest temple houses in Bali, Pura Goa Lawah.


Jimbaran is a fishing village that also includes some of the best hotels in the world. Jimbaran beaches are lined with hundreds of seafood.


The mountain village with an impressive panoramic view forms a plateau on the river Baturi mountain.


This is a place that holds a special place in the fields of Balinese history and culture. After spending time with the kings of Klunkung and their nobles who developed the music, art and culture that flourished there today.


Probably the most recognizable place on the pillow. The coastline area is known as a nightlife activity in Bali. It is also a thriving shopping area with lines of shops, boutiques and galleries.

Lake Baturi

It is the widest lake in Bali and is surrounded by beautiful scenery. The sacred place of the Balinese people is considered to be that visitors can enjoy the hot springs nearby.

Lake Bratan

Located in Bendukul, Lake Bratan is the second largest lake in Bali. Stunning views can be seen from the lake of Pura Ulun Danu temple on its shore.


Lovina Beach is a 12-kilometer beach, northwest of Singaraja, in Bali. Lovina is considered by many to be the best family vacation spot on the island of Bali.

Mount Agung

Agung is the highest mountain peak in Bali. It is believed to be the house of the gods in Balinese culture. The holiest temple in Bali, the Besakih Mothers’ Temple is sloping on its slopes.


Negara is best known for its famous nightingales. This area is remote and rarely visited by tourists and offers a real Bali view.

Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is the largest international five-star resort in Bali. Peaceful, relaxed atmosphere with quiet beaches, this place is suitable for a more distinguished traveler.

Nusa Kenningan

This area is located on the largest seaweed farms in Bali.

Nusa Lembongan

The small island is located 20 kilometers from the east coast of Bali. The island is known as the ‘Virgin Island’ with its crystal clear water and local seafood. It is also world famous for its quality breaks.

Nusa Menjganan

It is a small diving island off the northwest coast of Bali and is exclusive to a certain number of divers per day.

Nusa Penida

Another small island in Bali known for its crystal clear visions of sharks, turtles and its reef system.

Nusa Serangan

Better known as Turtle Island, this small island is used as a turtle sanctuary. Locals lay turtle eggs in huts until they are released and released.


It is a small fishing village east of Bali. It is well known for its beautiful white sandy beaches.

Online game Sengeh Monkey Forest

This small section of forest southwest of Bali is known for its primitive inhabitants, who live in both trees and a local temple.


Sanuri is one of the largest traditional villages in Bali and a well-established tourist area. Recognized as one of the best snorkelling and diving places in Bali.


Seminyak is widely regarded as the premier tourist destination of Bali, with its natural relaxed attractions, world-class accommodation and excellent fabulous dining.


In the capital Bali, Singaraja was the main port during the Dutch occupation of the island and retains a strong colonial feel.


Tabana Regent is the dramatic temple of Tanah Lot, best known as the most photographic temple in Bali.

Tana Lot

This is one of the most popular places in Pillow. Tana Lot is the most impressive Hindu temple on the Bali Ocean Front.

Tanung Benua

The beautiful area of ​​Bali is best known for its large number of coconut palms. This is one of the most perfect water sports venues in Bali.


Tegallalang is a major arts and crafts venue with stunning views of the layered rice fields.


It is a small town on the north-east coast of Bali. It is world-renowned for its famous dive site, which contains a stunningly diverse underwater ecosystem, especially around the collapse of the Liberty Glo, a U.S. Army transport ship built in 1943 by Japanese submarines.


Ububi is best known as the Bali Center for Arts, Crafts, Dance and Music. The beautiful views of the rice terraces make it one of the most visited places in Bali.


This site is famous for its excellent rock views and surfing breaks. With its spectacular temple overlooking the clear blue waters of the ocean below. Lots of monkeys live in the area.

Hopefully, this laconic view of the island of Bali will help you plan your next visit. With so much to do and so much time to do, it is advisable to plan and list a few basic items you want to do for your Bali holiday. Whatever your choice, I have no doubt that your time spent in this magical piece of paradise will be forever appreciated.


Kruger Park is a world-famous wildlife icon in South Africa

Kruger National Park, including its many wildlife reserves, offers visitors a unique African experience. The fencing between the game reserves has collapsed to form a huge area where animals can move and migrate freely. This large area is often referred to as the “Great Kruger Park Area”

Kruger National Park was established in 1889 to preserve wildlife found in the Louvain district of South Africa. This national park is almost 2 million hectares in size and when combined with the private reserves around it, makes it the size of a small country. The park is a world leader in advanced environmental management techniques and policies and boasts special species: 336 trees, 49 fish, 34 amphibians, 114 reptiles, 507 birds and 147 mammals.

There are also numerous archeological sites in Kruger Park that highlight the prehistoric occupation of man in this area. Bushman rock painting and restored Iron Age villages add to the enjoyment of visiting this area.

Greater Kruger Park hosts a lot of residential facilities that have a lot to do and see, making this a very popular place. Personal Game Reserves offers excellent accommodation and game viewing, where you will likely find the glories 5. Kruger National Park, with its self-catering facilities and self-service route, is very popular with travelers who like the freedom to set their own travel routes. The park also contains a lot of private concessions within its boundaries. They offer luxury and have walk-in guides to guide guests through game drives and bushes.

Visitors to South Africa who have a few days to go out in the safe may be interested in the “Kruger Park Flying Safe” where time is not planned.

Every year more than one million visitors visit the various lodges and holiday camps in this region. Due to the park’s popularity, pre-orders are required. Some camping in Kruger National Park takes place in advance of the year, during peak holiday periods.

The African bush is a place of contrasts. A place where there is a sense of exciting adventure, a sense of deep peace where the soul can unwind. I highly recommend a trip to the bushes of Africa if you have never been here. Sometimes it is difficult to describe a real wildlife event in Busus – every human feeling comes alive.

The world-renowned Kruger Park offers a wildlife experience that is among the best in Africa.

Copyright © 2008 Mark Thomas


Our visit to Aquila and Kagga Kamma’s personal game reserves

The opportunity to provide you with details of the nearest tariff experience in Cape Town and spend the night talking to Mother Nature has captured our imagination this month. Packing a true learning style (light and effective) with just a small night bag, we headed east to the glorious and majestic Hottentots mountain peak in the Netherlands, in the hot, semi-desert of our little Carus.

Western Cape offers plenty of private game reservations and exclusive desert experiences, Colin & I have picked out two auspicious features to share this month, Aquila Private Game Reserve and Kagga Kamma Private Game Reserve, a three-cape town hour drive.

The four-star Aquila Private Game Reserve offers malaria-free gaming discs, a great 5-game area just a 2-hour drive from Cape Town. Surrounded by a semi-desert landscape of Little Carus, this landscape is beautiful.

Aquila’s Personal Games Reserve actively supports the early unfortunate community from the nearby town of River Tuvs. Under the auspices of the Aquila team, they employ more than 120 people, sponsored by a full-time teacher and local cricket team, among other major sustainable development programs that are crucial to our responsible tourism board.

They made a powerful way to eradicate invasive species of exotic wood and plant species. This ongoing program helps conserve water in a region that receives only 400 milliliters of rainfall per year! Throughout their baths, they use natural biodegradable bath products that support their environmental responsibilities. Very positive and creative actions!

Our experience at Aquila Private Game Reserve has left us. In different parts of South Africa, to spend time on many other features of the African Safari, we felt that Aquila was sold as they called it “Real Africa”. The cheeks and lions are in the enclosures and you can see that they are lined up and down the fence of their respective enclosures, the crocodiles are in a small water camp in the lounge to see and all the games are fed every evening, not quite the real Africa we think is authentic and what We can unite as “real Africa”. However, Aquila Private Game Reserve has the advantage that you can get very good wildlife, close up photos that can be positively appreciated at home with your friends when you share your African experience. You have the opportunity to see four of the Big 5! Even well-informed rangers rarely see mountain leopards, the 5th of the Big 5.

Colin and I met with General Manager, Leon, and Conservation Manager, Patrick. Two wonderful young gentlemen with passion, knowledge and dedication to both the environment and the guest experience. Aquila is a normally created day trip product and we both felt it was very “work in progress”. Aquila may offer an excellent safari option in the future. Right now, we feel it is expensive to have a common overnight stay for guests staying overnight or two.

The proposed dwelling is standard while the meals are pedestrian but well presented. Overall the service is good and the game rangers are knowledgeable within their responsibilities. It was a disappointment to be offered a lower level of quality semi-sweet South African sparkling wine, marshmallows and biltong in the afternoon game drive. Missed the opportunity to attract the hearts and minds of twelve guests in our car …….

Aquila offers two adventures and fun activities in the lodge in the equestrian safe and in the bicycle safe. Both offer unique experiences. The great advantage of visiting this property is you will find their comprehensive travel. For people in an environment left in Cape Town and surrounded by limited time to move through the wilds of Africa, precious photos and close encounters with animals are quite numerous. Common Thoughts, Come One Day! In the future, their conference facilities will be developed over the next six months, making a sensible choice of venue.

Hopping, skipping and jumping from the aqueduct to the north led us to even more spectacular scenery, climbing a mountain pass and some rough gravel roads to the southern Kederberg region. The four-star, 15,000-hectare Kagga Kama Personal Playground was our chosen destination. The last 16 kilometers of the dwelling house bore a unique resemblance to the rock formations of the river Bark found near the Kederberg. Hot (36 degrees), dry and almost lunar in character and feel.

Kagga Kamma Personal Game Reserve offers a desert experience with a cultural twist. Cederberg’s general area is known for its Bushmen drawings, while Kagga Kamma offers an informative cultural suit led by a fairly knowledgeable and experienced industry guide, Jaco, who is also the general manager. Jaco is a great host, passionate mother towards nature and has extensive knowledge about Bushmen. Time spent at Sabi Sands in the incomparable Mala Mala Game Reserve with Namibian heritage earned time in his company. The game, which is reimbursed in its reserve space, is just the usual game, Bondbock, Elland, Burbuschella Zebra, Red Racing, Claps Springer, and some such small species as ants and mines.

One of the important aspects of sales here is that there is no polluted place outside the city and in the city light, the stellar gaze is beautiful, has depth and is definitely exceptional (almost as good as Sutherland, see our Travel Advisor for September 2007). Kagga Kamma Private Game Reserve offers a unique, well-positioned mini observatory with a 10-inch telescope. Close-up view of the nearby moon, certain planets, constellations and other fascinating objects. Valuable experience!

Kagga Kamma offers unique accommodation. Ten imitations in a sandstone cave, such as buildings built against sandstone rock formations in their surroundings. Comfortable beds, fresh crunch, white linen and air conditioning are really welcome. Their “Outcrop” sleep ability is special! It just has to do it for you! Imagine, if you will, a natural rock drain, two shade trees and a wide expanse of endless vistas. Imagine a human intellect that will add to everything that is sought after for the luxurious well-being needed to entertain a person before sunset and on a beautiful day after sunset. Before sunset, we rode our bikes and ran all three miles between the main camp and the Outcrop. Our arrival is stunning. A truly baronial bedroom with a king-size bed, side tables, a hall area and a coffee table that includes all kinds of cuisine. With the African sunset directly in front of us, our host prepares his glasses, shines our paraffin bulbs, and then wisely disappears. We are alone to say goodbye to Mother Nature!

For those of you who have not yet experienced this, do it quickly, for those of you who are present, come here and let him review your sunrise story, all the animal actors on stage before you start arriving. . In the evening the sky was pale pink, deviated by crimson, then steel gray, the stars appeared brightness and depth. The black hole presented itself next to the South Cross, the shooting of the stars was numerous. An unhappy silence ensued, a black velvet night greeting our gentle fire. Peace, contentment, and loneliness were prevalent. Our picnic dinner was adequate but lacking in imagination, cold meats, some excellent cheese, chicken legs and a well-prepared and presented green salad with potato salad, all in handy plastic containers. Our African night sky speaks to you. Let the language hold your mind and hear the shaking of words, dreams, hopes and aspirations. Colin got up in the early hours of the morning to witness the rising moon shining all over in greasy white.

The sun rose in the background of our rock casting, warmth and light on distant hills, an ethereal awakening for the experienced traveler, the first stopwatch simply with soul food. It is a wonderful honeymoon if you are going to keep the peace and for those who want fifteen hours of continuous privacy. Because of the naturalness of this variant, it depends on the weather.

Overall our experience at Kagga Kamma Private Game Reserve was a pleasant learning curve specifically made with the Outcrop experience. We recommend Outcrop without hesitation, however, when evaluated against similarly focused properties in the region, their rates are high relative to the total value of the rest of the property.


How to continue a wonderful stay in Mother Nature Paradise

Bhutan is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions for travelers, hikers, art lovers, geologists, extreme sports, etc. The country is known for its tranquil environment, tranquil valleys, mountain peaks and peaceful monasteries. Here people believe in absolute serenity and are very calm. Tourists in this country are sincerely welcomed not because it is one of the main sources of income, but because of the rich historical culture of the people.

Exotic places in Bhutan

Tourists from all over the world visit this country to experience the art of geography made by Mother Nature in the form of endless valleys and mountains. Rivers and canals, which look like dusty roads in the mountains, offer dusty roads with excellent panoramic views that the visitor will never forget for a lifetime.

A trip to Bhutan will definitely take your breath away from the first timers and they will definitely be able to return to this country when they get the chance. From the Awestruck landscapes to the perfect track showcase, this is one of the packages for all types of tourists and adventure seekers alike.

Friendly tour guides take you to see the best places including stunning monasteries, local rivers, paths, bicycles, rock climbing and all the other attractions where you can find your interest. Important places of the tourist package are:

  • Timfu

  • Punakha

  • Fuentsholing

  • Paro

  • Paro Textang

  • Jakar Mongar

  • Jomolhari

  • Samdrup Jongkhari

  • Lhuntse Trashigang

  • Trashiyangtse

  • Tashichio Dzong

  • Haas Valley

  • Rinpung Dzong

  • Gangtang Monastery

The best part of traveling to this country is that there is no special time for a visit. During the summer the climate is pleasant and tourism experts recommend this country from late September to late November. The winter season is quite chilly, but the snow-clad mountains will be an unforgettable memory. The high altitude of the country, due to the high mountain peaks in the world, being in the slopes of the Himalayas, makes it one of the best destinations for the scenic beauty of mountains and forests.

Against the background of peace and nature

The trip will be the ultimate experience that will offer a few days of relaxation from the tension of the concrete jungle. The cool breeze and chanting in the monasteries will bring you back to the lost peace of mind. Breaking the monotony and finding refuge in the mountains will be a dream holiday for peace seekers.

The country is considered to be the best place to retreat the best that rejuvenates an individual’s mind, body and soul. Local gourmets are best regarded for their Northeastern Indian cuisine. Natural food, good people, pleasant food and unforgettable mountain trails against the backdrop of forests and sparse settlements, will bring you memories that will take life.


Sumatra: An unhappy paradise full of adventures

Unlike its neighboring islands of Bali or Java, Sumatra does not attract many travelers and although this is what mimics the island, it is hard to understand why. It is the largest island in Indonesia and it has lots to offer; Jungles, orangutans, elephants, volcanoes, waterfalls, … in short: an untouched paradise full of adventure!

Gunung Luzer National Park

The home of the orangutan and Sumatran tiger, Gunung Leuser National Park is a wonderful place for jungle walks. Do not be disappointed that you will probably not see any tigers as my guide told me no one will see anyone and this will probably be the last thing you even ever look at.

Leaving before Bukit Logan, he did not last long until we were surrounded by orangutans and Thomas leaf monkeys. It was amazing to find out how well the guide knew how to behave around each orangutan as they all have their own personal qualities and some like to steal bags!


This peaceful village on the border of Gunung Luser National Park really stole my heart. There is so much to do here; Bathing elephants, river pipes, swimming in waterfalls and … all this surrounded by beautiful tropical forest. A perfect place to connect with nature.

While Indonesians are generally particularly friendly people, this is undoubtedly the place where you will meet the most cordial people in front of you. Always ready to help you and want to tell you about their culture, the guide will do its best to make your presence truly wonderful.

Also, elephants are wonderful animals and I want to see them happy. I’m not an expert, but I think I saw the faces of happy elephants in Tangkhan.

Sibayak volcano, Berastag

Mount Sibayak is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia and is spectacular in view. The smell of sulfur intensifies during the ascent and yellow rocks stand around it.

Surprisingly, when I used a sunscreen, my guide asked me why I always covered the earth with this white cream. He looked at me in shock at first and then started laughing uncontrollably when I said if the red would come out or not.

Samos Island, Toby Lake

Island to island! You will not only find beautiful landscapes here, there are also Batak people in Samosir, an ancient tribe who will be happy to teach you their culture. With their traditional dances, colorful ensembles and beautiful houses decorated with geometric designs, their culture will amaze you.

Banda Ache

At first, I was a little nervous, I was on Banda Aceh’s list of favorite destinations in Sumatra, but the culture shock I experienced there and the tsunami that remained in the city made my visit an unforgettable experience. Enough for one day in this city as a transit point to Pulau Wet was enough!

Governed by strict Sharia law, this destination is not for everyone, but if you decide to go there, it will terribly disappoint you.

The Banda Aceh was hit very badly by a tsunami in 2004 and affected the city. You will find an unusual view of the boats in the middle of the city or above the house, left intact as a memorial. The Tsunami Museum offers to find out what will make people endure a horrible experience and is worth seeing.

Pulu Veh

This is a small island located near Sumatra, easily accessible by ferry from Banda Asi. With its crystal clear water and white sandy beaches, Pulua Veh is a paradise for snorkel, dive or relaxation. There are so many exotic fish here that I felt like I was swimming in a natural aquarium!