Abu Mount: The most popular winter visit to India

Abu Mount is the only hill station in Rajasthan. It is located 475 kilometers from Jaipur, on the summit of the Arawal Range and is famous for its Dilwara Jain temples. With lush shrubs and coniferous trees, the climate here is mostly. There are almost 37 tourist attractions that are usually explored by tourists. To cover all the sights of Mount Abu, visitors must stay 2 to 3 days.
In winter during the winter some places have to go, discussed in the article. Let’s take a look at:

1. Dilvara Temple

This is a group of five temples. These temples were built before the 11th-13th centuries. They are built of marble and are located two and a half kilometers from Mount Abu. This frightened shrine is dedicated to Jain Tirtankara.

The temples are named as Luna Vasakhi, Vimal Vasakhi, Khartar Vasakhi, Pitalhari and Mahavir Swami.

2. Lake Nakki

This lake is perfect for visiting in winter as it will give you a quiet and cool atmosphere. It is considered as an ideal place because it is located in the background Araval Mountains. One of the attractive points is that it is the only artificial lake in India and is located at an altitude of 1200 meters. According to the historian, this lake is carved from rocks.

An additional advantage of this place is rock climbing and navigation activities. This lake is located near Toad Rock, Sri Ragunatji Temple and Maharaja Jaipur Palace. You can also visit Sunset Point from here.

3. Guru Shikhari

It is the highest mountain peak at 1,722 m above sea level. Tourists can take an aerial view and enjoy the trekking here. On the peak is also found the ancient temple of Guru Daatatria, which has the idol Guru Tatatrea, which was the embodiment of Lord Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu.

A giant bell is hanging at the entrance to the temple. Some have been found in other temples Mountain peak There are Shiva Temple, Chamundi Temple and Mira Temple. The mountain peak is located at a distance of 15 km. If you are interested in a lab, then you can visit Mount Abu Observatory, which is run by a physical research lab.

4. Sunset point

One of the most famous spots is Sunset Point. It is located southwest of Lake Nakka, it has a dense forest because behind it stands the Araval Range. This place is famous for its beautiful view of the mountain valley. One of the advantages of visiting this place in winter is that it has very low temperatures due to its location. Undoubtedly, this advantage is only for those who love winter. This is an essential place for honeymoon travelers as the honeymoon is located right here. Sunset Point is also known for its souvenir shops and food stalls.

Travelers can also visit the Baileys Trail, which is only 5 miles away.

Dilvara Temple, Naqi Lake, Guru Shikhari and sunset points are some of the reasons why the popular Abu River is so popular. If you are planning to visit Abu Mountain, then visit the places discussed in the article. Happy trip!
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