7 things to consider before traveling to Canada

If you're traveling to Canada, be sure to consider some important things. Let's discuss 7 of them.

1. You have a schedule in place

You can't see much of Canada during a short visit because this is a huge country. If you don't have a fixed schedule in place, you may not have time to visit a city properly. During a short visit, you can visit only part of the country like Maritimes, the west coast of BC or the Rocky Mountains of Alberta. The great advantage of doing this is that you will have plenty of time to enjoy yourself.

2. Prepare to deal with severe weather

Whether you're traveling to Canada in summer or winter, make sure you keep your clothes warm in your bag. In summer, thunderstorms can make the nights so cold. In winter, the temperature may drop to -30 degrees or less. Therefore, it is best to keep a woolen hat, scarf and a pair of gloves in your bag.

3. Apply for your ETA visa

ETA is an abbreviation for e-travel license, a requirement you need to meet if you want to travel to Canada. However, Americans have been exempt from this since 2016.

Depending on where you live, you may need to get an ETA. Before boarding your trip, you can get an ETA, an easy online process. All you have to do is use your credit card to make a payment and enter the required details. After a few minutes, you'll get an ETA, which will be valid for many years to come.

4. Try Couchsurfing to save money

In Canada, you will spend a great deal of money on a good stay. Although most places have houses in here and now, you may find it difficult to find cheap accommodation. So, is there a better alternative? You can go to Couchsurfing. Through this platform, you can contact locals and use their backup rooms for free.

5. Check out Tim Hortons

In Canada, you'll find Tim Hortons almost everywhere. This is a one-stop shop if you need a donut, sandwich or coffee in Canada.

6. Buy travel insurance

It's great to have travel insurance, especially if you're traveling to Canada. Your illness in Canada is not good news because medical expenses quickly waste your budget. Don't forget to skip the fine when you buy your health insurance policy. Ideally, you should cover activities you want to do in Canada such as white-water rafting, snowboarding and skiing.

7. Explore the great outdoors

In Canada, there are plenty of great cities like Halifax, Winnipeg, Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto, to name a few. You can enjoy lots of delicious foods, culture and leisure activities. But the real fun in Canada is to go out and explore Canadian wildlife. With over 30 million citizens, Canada has its share of vast wildlife.

So, if you're traveling to Canada this year, be sure to consider things 7.