7 Good Reasons Why You Should Travel Away

Pick up a global atlas or simply browse one online. Go to your state or county map and see how small you are compared to the entire state. Now, go to a map of your country and while your area may disappear, the "big" state or province becomes a small part of the country. This time you may not find your state or territory, and your "big" country becomes a small part of your continent. To finish, go to the world map and what to notice? Your country may not disappear, but your 'big' continent becomes a 'part' of the world.

This exercise shows that you are expanding your world view more and more when you travel far and wide.

The major events of the last century, especially the explosion of the Internet in the past decades, made you realize the diversity of the world. However, no matter how well you know the world of your sofas or chairs, nothing surpasses you in those places for direct experiences.

So in the following addresses, we'll see some reasons why you travel a lot.

1. Not only to know but also experience great places

Media (newspapers, radio, TV, internet), people and books tell you great places. But just by traveling you can feel 'rightly' to wonderful world places like Hua Hua in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India; Venice (Italy) with gondoliers and handicrafts in many waterways; the Pyramid of the Sun in San Juan Teotihuacan, not far from Mexico City (Mexico); downtown Casablanca (Morocco), the main port, with Place Lyautey in front; Mount Cook, New Zealand's highest peak; the Southern Alps seen across Lake Matheson, on the South Island; the American waterfalls in Niagara Falls, New York; A typical mosque in Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago).

2. Meet many different people, as they are already

Travel is a great way to expand your circle of friends and increase your understanding of others.

My many travels have enabled me to make friends in many countries of the world. Close relationships that we would otherwise not have.

When I lived in Africa, I barely contacted white people (and I never thought about it) because we lived in different societies inherited from colonialism. But when I went to Germany, for example, I made many friends with whom I shared many loved moments. This made my perception of white people apart or racist crumble.

Some time ago, I watched a television documentary film by a French television crew who went to Mali (Africa) to film an illiterate mechanic who completely dismantled, repaired and assembled an old car engine. When the rumbling van disappeared at a faint distance, they concluded that Africans were also capable of technological and technical achievements.

Many of these cases exist to demolish the barriers upon which misconceptions are built and to make people appreciate each other.

3. You get more cultures and customs, and be better able to communicate with different people

I once visited a friend in a rural area in northern Ghana, a neighboring country. As a dedicated demander, he had to take me to all his extended family. I was surprised by our good service in the first place. But my biggest surprise was to welcome equally in the other two places. We returned to my friend's house with him disappointed with me and I was very angry and very angry with him even for not giving me a hint about what to expect.

In fact, in my friend's area, it is a duty to serve the visitor and the honor when the visitor eats well. So I was honored in the first house and less than that in the second house. However, my inability to eat at the third was considered a lack of appreciation for their meals and my decision to reduce the number of visits to a defect and a friend of his family.

This habit exists somewhat in my area. Any visitor must be provided with drinking water before being asked why they are visiting. But you don't have to drink some or all of the water if you don't feel it. You can simply sip or touch the container (cup, calabash, etc.) and your behavior will not be interpreted as malignant. But to say does not mean to "insult" your host.

4. You can broaden your horizon

An American friend came to visit me in Togo and took him to the Plateau de Rigion, the famous tourist center in my country. This is also the agricultural region of Togo. We visited a farm where one can buy fruits harvested directly before one.

"Is this real pineapple?" My friend asked, strangely staring at the fruit the farmer cut from the plant and handed it over.

"why?" I asked in surprise.

"He was not harvested from a big tree," he said sadly.

I laughed in my head.

"Because of their size and weight, I thought pineapples were growing on trees," Siddiqui explained.

The strange farmer also laughed his head when I explained our conversation with him. He offered me to introduce my friend pineapple plants at different stages of development.

In the same way, you love mutton, but I think you would appreciate it more when you visit a sheep grazing area in Australia, for example; the same applies to cotton clothing when visiting cotton plantations in São Paulo, Brazil; coffee when you see farmers drying coffee under Tropical sunshine in Colombia; chocolate when you see farmers removing nuts from the pods (first stage of chocolate processing) at a cocoa plantation in Côte d'Ivoire (West Africa); canned pineapple when you see pineapple on its way to canned in Puerto Rico, etc.

5. You experience another environment

Germany was the first European country I visited. My great desire in winter was to see snow, especially my experience. One dark winter night, an enthusiastic friend called to tell me that it was snowing. I jumped out of bed, rushed out and outstretched hands tried to hunt the chips falling from the sky. Flashing a German couple walking their dog prematurely.

While I hate Hertmann, the dry, hot winds blowing from the desert down to the West African coast, bringing a lot of dust, making the morning and evenings cold and a hot day, a French expatriate friend found it strange because of the fog it brings in the morning and fell in the evening.

6. You live the history of the "great" world

You may be intimidated by hearing (from a person or on the radio) or seeing (in the newspapers, on television or the Internet) the pyramids of Egypt or the Taj Mahal in India or old buildings (castles, cathedrals and chateaux) Europe, museums and castles in West Africa (history of slaves) and American farms (History of Slaves) Monasteries and large tree carvings of American Indians, but visiting the places found is a completely different experience.

7. You get a hospitable climate

People in tropical climates often go outside when the hot climate becomes hot and it is no secret to anyone that people in temperate climates also rush to places where they can enjoy the sun and warm sea.

There are many other reasons why people travel away. But I think these seven are enough to let you pack up if you haven't gone on a trip or pick up your luggage again soon if you're on a trip.

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